Bachelor of Applied Science in Management (12-13)

Program Completion Requirements

  1. To be accepted into our BAS program in Management, you must have completed an AAS degree at an accredited community college.
  2. To complete the BAS degree, a minimum of 120 credits must be earned with 36 or more credits in courses numbered 300 or above. A minimum of 32 credits must be completed in Nevada State College upper division courses. Sixty-two of the 120 credits must be earned at four-year colleges or universities.


  1. Completion of an AAS Degree (at least 60 credits)
  2. College Core Curriculum: up to 25 credits (A number of categories may be fulfilled by AAS degree coursework.  This will be confirmed by NSC Admissions upon receipt of an official AAS transcript.) 
    1. English (3 credits)
      1. ENG 102 – Composition II  (3 credits)
    2. Mathematics (3 credits)
      1. MATH 124 -  College Algebra (3 credits)
    3. Natural Sciences (4 credits) – Refer to the Natural Sciences section of the Core Curriculum
    4. Social Sciences (3 credits) – Refer to the Social Sciences
    5. Fine Arts (3 credits) - Refer to the Fine Arts section of the Core Curriculum
    6. Humanities (6 credits) - Refer to the Humanities section of the Core Curriculum
    7. Constitution (3-6 credits) - Refer to the Constitution section of the Core Curriculum 
    8. Cultural Diversity Course (3 credits) - Refer to the Cultural Diversity section of the Core Curriculum
  3. Applied Science Management Core Curriculum (21credits)
    1. ECON 261 – Statistical Methods  (3 credits)
    2. ENG 407A – Fundamentals of Business Writing (3 credits)
      ENG 407B – Fundamentals of Technical Writing (3 credits)
    3. FIN 301 – Managerial Finance (3 credits)
    4. IS 301 - Management Information Systems (3 credits) 
    5. MGT 367 – Human Resource Management (3 credits)
    6. MKT 301 – Marketing Management (3 credits)
    7. PHIL 248 Professional Ethics (3 credits)


  1. Area of Study

*Students will choose at least 12 upper division credits in an area of study.  All minor areas of study must be approved by the student’s 60+ advisor and typically occur in one subject or are a combination of subjects that relate to a theme.
Grades below a C- carry no credit towards major requirements.

Summary of Credit Requirements

 AAS Degree   At least 60 credits
 College Core Curriculum  Up to 25 credits
 Prerequisites (if needed)  Up to 12 credits
 Applied Science Management Core Curriculum  21 credits
 Minor Area of Study  12
 Electives  If needed to bring total credits to 120
 Total Credits  120 credits


Degree Sheet (PDF)
Sequence of Courses (PDF)